How to create the ultimate spa experience in lockdown.

A large part of submission is working in service for your Mistress. Outside of the dungeon or house work, this can manifest in many ways. Pampering someone is a task I sometimes set my married subs as it is important they worship all the women in their life and not just me. 

The advice here is applicable to anyone wanting to make their partner feel valued and pampered, and is especially worth reading given that Valentine’s day in lockdown is coming up.  

The alluring Countess Diamond enjoying a soak at Hoxton Dungeon. Photo by Me

Location: You will need to siphon off some space to create the spa.

Preparation: Clean your chosen space and set up speakers for mediative music such as this. Set up your treatment areas, candles, incense, clean towels and fresh flowers. Lay out a jug of cold water and a glass, as well as anything you will need for treatments. Close the curtains. 

Theatre: This stage is optional but will make all the difference in taking your partner away mentally from lockdown. Make a ‘spa menu’ listing the treatments you have prepared to present to them. If you can, make yourself a uniform and name tag. When you are ready, ask them to undress and change into a fluffy dressing gown. 

I made this in 10mins using powerpoint and template from pngtree

Do not disturb: Turn off phones and computer alerts. Find ways to keep any dependents occupied and redirect deliveries you are expecting. This time is for you and your partner, no one else. 

Prepare your treatments: I’ll go into more detail below about what you can do, but make sure to do some research by watching techniques on Youtube, researching and buying any products you want to use. It is crucial that, as part of your research, you find out if your partner is allergic to anything or doesn’t like certain scents or movements. 

Whatever you choose, be confident, prepared and play to your strengths.

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Facial: No, not that kind of facial, you dirty boy. 

If you want to pamper the skin, examine your partner’s existing products and try to find out what kind of skin they have. 

This video demonstrates how to perform a facial, including techniques for how to handle the skin – which is delicate. I strongly recommend doing further research in addition if you want to give your partner a facial. You may also wish to buy some new skincare products. I recommend going to as they have fast delivery, a big range and good prices. 

Manicure: Every good boy should be able to do his Mistress’s nails if she asks, so now is a good time to learn. 

Some special tools are needed but it is a very budget friendly option and it is likely your partner will have them in a cupboard somewhere. A new colour might be a nice touch. Here’s a good video for beginners. 

If your partner wears acrylics, gels or another artificial nail, you’ll need to do further research. 

You should be so lucky to serve…

Body Scrub:  Best done in the shower or bathroom as this gets messy, and slippery – like all the best things. You can get plenty of premade scrubs, but I find the best scrub is homemade. Coconut oil, sugar and a little bit of salt mixed together is the bomb but this blog post goes into far more detail, variants, measurements and safety tips.

Get your partner naked, start on your knees and work upwards, working in every nook and cranny of their beautiful body. Take your time, make it sensuous, make sure they know how wonderful they are. This is a good use of time if you are also doing something like a hair mask that needs time to soak in. 

Either wash them, or let them wash it off in the shower. The floor of the shower will get very slippery as the oil washes off. Remember to clean up with washing up liquid to help prevent the risk of accidents.

Bath time: Sometimes a soak is enough, but this is Valentine’s Day, so step it up. Surround the bath with candles and fresh flowers. Make sure the towels are clean and fluffy and ready to use. Pour a glass of wine.

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A few things you can add to the bath to make it even more special:

–       Bath oil (my favourite is from Floris London)

–       Fresh petals

–       Buttermilk – the lactic acid will soften skin. Add a few cups of buttermilk or milk powder, honey and essential oils for an indulgent treat, perfect for sensitive skin. 

–       Epsom salt – perfect for a key worker who is on their feet day in and day out. Not good if you have open cuts or sores. 

A Massage: The ultimate in body worship and service, and if so inclined, a tantric massage can be a great way to initiate. 

Make them writhe in pleasure.

Do your research. There are so many free resources out there on massage techniques. Watch them, practice them, and wow your partner. I want them sighing, groaning and rolling their eyes back in ecstasy as you push the palm of your hand deep into the back of their thigh. 

And, as with most play, don’t forget the lube massage oil.

Lastly, if you are looking to indulge in some pamper products I would recommend the following companies

Lush Cosmetics – you’ve defininely smelt their shops, but their products are pretty fab and they are one of the most ethical, eco friendly and charitable cosmetics out there. Their massage bars are a personal favourite of mine, but they also do great hair treaments, scrubs, bath oils and face masks.

Cowshed is a company I have watched grow and grow over the last few years. Outside of lockdown, I have even visted their spa a few times and it is glorious. They do a ‘pamper hamper’ which could be a solid base your spa day.