Session Diaries: Mousey’s first time (with Me)

This post is guest written by one of my most recent Victims, codename ‘Mousey’. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did living it!

“Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this” is I believe how the song goes and that describes perfectly my first session with The Siren.

I think this image very accurately describes my style of mischief during sessions…

My session starts long before the actual day and much postponed in the immediate aftermath of covid lockdown. Some pleasant email exchanges and a session was booked for when or if at that particular time. Fast forward two years and five months, the day finally arrived and it was very much worth the wait.

The session took place at House du Croix and I was met by a smiling vision of loveliness. Miss had granted me a slightly earlier start to have a chat and showed me to a small room for a pre session talk and put me very much at ease. I’m far from a newbie but it’s always slightly nerve racking meeting someone new, especially when they are a) gorgeous and b) going to do wonderfully nasty things over the next few hours.

After our very nice chat, Miss instructed me to follow her upstairs to a well-equipped room and instructed me to go into the ensuite and disrobe. On my return, Miss instructed me to greet her properly with a kiss on each of her lovely feet. 

She then enquired as to why I hadn’t thanked her for agreeing to allow me an audience with The Siren. At that point my submissive brain goes into overdrive and starts blurting out various reasons of thanks. Miss stopped me in my tracks and pointed out that it sounded more like begging and to put my head on the floor and start again. 

Once I had begged to a suitable level, Miss instructed me to put on the hood I had brought, which brought on a bout of bumbling as I searched for it without ruining the mood. I returned and Miss instructed me to raise my arms and She then began to slowly entwine rope around my wrists. I started to babble on about how I loved the feel of rough rope and slowly being enveloped by it, to which Miss replied, quite sternly “Mousey shut up and just enjoy it”. Duly put in my place, I didn’t say another word and enjoyed the experience quietly. I had requested a bit of bondage and quiet time to drain my mind of the outside world and with a set of headphones on my head I enjoyed a period mental floating.

Meanwhile I took selfies and waited for enough time to pass so I could start the real fun…

After a lovely period of mind cleansing sadly my hands started to get pins and needles, and Miss noticed immediately and began to untie me. Once released, Miss instructed me to stand up slowly and then attached some nipple clamps (I love nipple clamps and the pain they bring). Now I can’t give you a full account from here on because my mind is a bit of a blur. [Mousey, you will absolutely be getting an extra caning for this lack of detail…]

To sum up the nipple clamps were tugged and pulled and finally yanked off leaving me with blissful nipple pain.

Miss then guided me to a bench and as instructed I knelt up and bent over it. She then informed me that the thin stingy paddle that I had gifted her that day needed trying out. Many well positioned whacks later resulted in a warm bottom. Miss of course had not finished there and as I was still hooded, gave me the chance to choose a cane from the sound they made. I choose no. 1 of 3, knowing it was my nemesis, the thin stingy cane. I really struggle with this but I also enjoy the challenge. Once again Miss delivered many (I don’t recall how many) well aimed and stinging blows. I do remember starting to count in a questioning manner which resulted in a small amount of wrath from Miss.

Once Miss had finished with the thin cane, she very kindly asked me to choose the next one. I choose this time a thicker cane. I can cope with these better and enjoyed many sets of well delivered and firm whacks. The accuracy of her delivery is incredible.

As my skin was starting to break Miss concluded that it was time to move on to her next torment, electrics. Miss then spent, I’m not sure how long, zapping me and I believe I commented at one stage that it was ‘wonderfully excruciating’.

Mousey does take pain incredibly well, and it was a delight seeing just how far I could push him, over and over again.

Sadly, time was marching on and it was time to return to reality. Miss let me slowly come back to earth from the rollercoaster ride and gave me some water and a chocolate bar to replenish my sugar levels. We had a nice post session chat and it was time to re-enter the real world. 

After over 2 years it was really worth the wait and I have already booked a return visit.

If you have been thinking about booking a session with The Siren then don’t hesitate if you are granted the opportunity. I have been lucky enough to enjoy many sessions over the years and this one was amongst the best. – Mousey