So you want to come and see Me?

Now that the world is beginning to open up, and more and more of us are being vaccinated, I have, like many of my colleagues, opened up my diary to see a limited number of people in person. Now, I am very picky about who has the privilege to play with me, so how are you going to make yourself stand out? Luckily for you, I’ve written a whole blog post on just that. The first step is one you are already doing – well done You!

A self portrait of The Siren.
A self-portrait by The Siren

Read my website. I’ve put quite a lot of information on here, one way or another, so when enquiries come into my inbox, which are asking me if I do this, or that, what my rates are, can I come to their houses etc. I know they haven’t bothered to read up on me. Most likely they have searched the contact details for any Domme near them and sent us all the same copy and paste message. They are looking for *anyone* to get them off. That is not my style and it’s not respectful. They do not get replies.
If you have a genuine question which isn’t answered already on my website, I have no issue with you asking, but be specific.

Optional, but important to me: Engage on social media.

The Siren at Hoxton Dungeon, 2020. Photographed by Countess Diamond. The Siren adjusts her heels, wearing a blue lingerie set, infront of a wall of BDSM impliments.
The Siren at Hoxton Dungeon, 2020. Photographed by Countess Diamond.

I only want to play with subs who genuinely are interested and turned on by Me. I want my subs to message me regularly, to look at the content I create and squirm in their chastity cages. I want to get to know my subs as much as they do me, because it makes for a far more intense play session, and a far more authentic D/s relationship.

Send an email: Here’s what the Perfect Email will include.

A self-portrait by The Siren. She turns her head over her shoulder, letting you glimpse her bheind.
A self-portrait by The Siren

A greeting mentioning My Name. This sets you apart from a generic copy & paste message.
An introduction about yourself. This need only be a few sentences, not an essay. I want to know about you as a person first. Imagine you’re speed dating, what are you going to tell your potential date in 3min?
Some Key details: What are your kinks? Where are you based/ where are you hoping to meet me? Is there a specific date you wish to meet? How long of a session were you hoping for?
Your past kink experience: Have you ever seen a pro-domme before, if so, who? Is this your first-time seeing a Pro? Have you been practicing lifestyle kink? What kind of sub are you? What are you soft/hard limits?
Why do you want to see Me? This is the real cruncher for showing me you want to session with me specifically rather than any Dominatrix in the area, and original answers to this question are what’s going to really make me notice you.
Your screening details: Either provide them in the email or offer to send them separately. This shows me you care about my safety as much as I do. To screen you, I will need your phone number, and a picture of you with your real name. You can be assured this information is never passed on, and that I am discrete.

So what happens next? If you’ve sent a perfect email I’ll likely reply within a few hours, although it may take up to 24 hours. I am a busy Lady after all. The further in advance you email, the more likely I am to find a space for your requested time and date.

And then my dear, the fun begins.